contemporary sculpture inspired by nature


My sculpture is inspired by complex patterns and structures in nature. Currently my main sources of inspiration are the silhouettes trees form against the sky at different times of the year. Often it is the empty spaces and gaps I am looking for just as much as the leaves and branches themselves, an aesthetic concept known in Japanese culture as ‘Ma’ which is akin to the silences between the notes in music. The Japanese also have a poetic word for the dappled light trees create: ’Komorebi’.


"A wood is essentially a field of light overgrown by trees. It is not the trees themselves that make a wood,

but the shape and disposition of the remaining light, of the sky that descends between the trees.”

from 'The Peregrine or The Hill of Summer' by J.A. Baker


My background in graphic design influences my exploration of form and line. Drawings and photographs are the starting point from which I develop organic, abstract and figurative sculpture. I create intricate drawings from which the final artwork is digitally cut into stainless steel, corten weathering steel, aluminium, copper, brass and plywood, transforming the drawn line into a tangible object.








I work to commission, for public, private and corporate clients and collectors, creating free standing and wall sculpture for interior and exterior spaces. I offer a bespoke service to art consultants, interior designers, architects and garden designers. If you have a digital photo I can produce a mock-up to scale so you can see exactly how it will look on your wall  - a virtual 'try before you buy'.



Mayo Clinic, USA

1.2 metre wall sculpture




AC Marriott in Waco, Texas

corten freestanding sculpture


Apollo Global Management, London

2 wall sculptures


Private client, London

1.25 powder-coated wall sculpture




Mayo Clinic, USA

corten wall sculpture


Napa Valley Marriott, California

81cm corten steel wall sculpture


Apollo Global Management, USA

2 wall sculptures




Private client, New York

2 powder-coated steel wall sculptures


Private client, South West England

1 metre stainless steel sculpture


Private client, Jersey

1.25 metre corten steel wall sculpture


Private client, Norway

1 metre patinated copper sculpture


Private client, Amsterdam

1.5 metre corten steel wall sculpture


Nobu Hotel, London

A 90cm bronzed wall sculpture


Private client, Como, Italy

1 metre corten steel wall sculpture




Carlton Tower Jumeirah Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge, 2 x 120cm wall sculptures

with aged bronze finish


Private client, South of France

1.5 metre Corten steel wall sculpture


Private client, Sussex

1 metre powder coated sculpture



Private client, The Cotswolds

1 metre stainless steel sculpture


La Reserva Golf Club, Andalucía, Spain

corten weathering steel sculpture


Condominium in Arizona

6 corten weathering steel wall sculptures




Private client, Dubai

2 x 1.22 metre plywood sculptures


Private client, Switzerland

patinated copper wall sculpture


Private client, California, USA

2 framed sculptures


Norwegian Cruise Line

5 wall sculptures for their new ship Norwegian Bliss




Private Apartment Building, London

1.25 metre stainless steel wall sculpture


Private client, Wimbledon, London

3 stainless steel garden wall sculptures


Norwegian Cruise Line

3 wall sculptures for their new ship Norwegian Joy


Private client, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

1 corten steel wall sculpture


Private client, Chicago, USA

1 powder coated steel wall sculpture




Commemorative Sculptural Seat

commissioned by The Congleton Partnership


Brackenbury Grove Gate Artwork

commissioned by One Housing Group


Cunard Queen Mary 2

11 wall sculptures for the remastered Princess Grill Restaurant


Brackenbury Square

3 wall mounted sculptures

commissioned by Notting Hill Housing


Norwegian Cruise Line

4 wall sculptures for their new ship Norwegian Escape




Hotel, Algeria

2 framed woodcuts


Tudor Capital Europe, London

1 stainless steel wall sculpture


Hotel, Bahrain

1 stainless steel wall sculpture




Private client, Saudi Arabia

2 aluminium sculptures


Private client, London

1 copper garden sculpture




The Whiteleaf Centre, Aylesbury

Wall sculpture commissioned by Artscape: Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust


Private client, London

2 stainless steel garden sculptures




The Alpina Hotel, Gstaad, Switzerland

52 weathered steel sculptures for a

new luxury boutique hotel


Private residence, Paris

10 steel wall sculptures


Private client, York

stainless steel decorative fire screen


Private client, London

2 weathered steel wall sculptures




P&O Azura Cruise Liner

2 curved stainless steel wall sculptures




EDF Energy, Head Office, London

2 reclaimed steel wall sculptures


Candy & Candy Interiors

aluminium wall sculpture


Restaurant, Finland

aluminium wall sculpture

“Many thanks for bringing a creative light

into our corporate environment.”

Dena Fakhro, Low Carbon Products, EDF Energy



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